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Our Old Pizza Hut Building

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Ocean Dental talks about what it was like converting a Pizza Hut building into a dental surgery, and finds a whole community of 'Used to be Pizza Huts'.

Ocean Dental Pizza Hut

Ocean Dental didn't start as a Pizza Hut building, although it did have an interesting start to a business dedicated to the health industry. We started in the commercial sub-division in Gisborne - with a Winery situated at the back.

When the Pizza Hut came up for sale, Owner Clive Stonehouse and his wife jumped at the opportunity of a new project with a vision - converting a Pizza Hut building into a state-of-the-art dental surgery. They spent tireless hours on their evenings and weekends completing most of the work themselves.

Now, Ocean Dental Centre joins the list of "Used to be Pizza Huts", along with a usedtobeapizzahut pool shop on stilts, a gentlemen's club, a building that deals shady car loans and a whole other bunch of restaurant chains that most certainly aren't, anymore, a Pizza Hut.

See here for the usedtobeapizzahut webpage and here for the Reddit link.

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