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Dr Clive Stonehouse - Ocean Dental Owner talks about ethics in dentistry

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

To me nothing matters more than doing what I do ethically, honestly and to the best of my ability. The whole dental team at Ocean Dental also have this view.

Our number one priority is to keep patients and staff members safe.  In this respect cross infection control is paramount and Ocean Dental has the very best cross infection control procedures in place

I believe that we have a duty to put patients interests first, we involve the patient in treatment decisions and we take into account patient wishes so long as those decisions are within the bounds of accepted treatment and will do no harm

At Ocean Dental everyone is treated fairly regardless of race, religion or socioeconomic background. Ocean Dental has a diverse mix of staff from many different cultures and backgrounds.

I believe that offering dental care at a reasonable cost is very important and we offer affordable dental treatment for everyone.

We are doing what we can at Ocean Dental to address inequalities in dental care by providing  free dental days to community service card holders. We have also offered free check up months so patients have an opportunity to talk to us about what might be needed for their dental health. We provide emergency dental treatment for Community Service Card holders for $35 and continue to offer free dental care for adolescents up to their 18th birthday.

Clive Stonehouse owner and dentist at Ocean Dental Centre Gisborne
Clive Stonehouse owner and dentist at Ocean Dental Centre Gisborne

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