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  • How much will dental treatment cost me?

While each treatment is based on the individual and services provided, we try to keep the cost of your dental care as low as practically possible. For example, a basic check-up is $85 which includes x-rays, while a straight-forward extraction is $195.

  • I have a dental injury. Can ACC pay for this?

If you have a dental injury, ACC may pay for the cost of the repair. You need to get the injury registered with ACC by seeing us as soon as you can. Unlike many dentists, we do not ask for large extra co-payments unless ACC do not cover the costs. 

  • Can I get a WINZ (Work and Income) quote for financial assistance?

We offer WINZ quotes where needed. WINZ usually can provide up to $1000 per year. Anything above this usually needs to be paid by you but this can depend on individual circumstance.

  • I have a child/teenager. Should I book an appointment for them?

Yes, definitely! Treatment is free for teenagers up to the age of 18. After 18 they have to pay, so do them a favour and get them their annual check-up. 

  • How can I improve the general health of my teeth?

Dental cleaning is probably the most important part of our work for maintaining the health of your mouth. If you want your teeth to last forever, see us. 

  • How often should I book an appointment with the dentist? 

If you have any form of soreness in your mouth, book an appointment with us as soon as you can to get it checked out. However, if you have no problems with your mouth, book a check-up with us every 12 months.

  • What classifies a dental emergency? 

Usually a broken tooth or severe pain classifies a dental emergency. However, if one one your fillings or crowns fall out this can also be an emergency. 

  • I have a community services card. What am I eligible for? 

We have emergency care for $35 a visit for Community Services Card (CSC) holders only. For Gold Card holders, you may be able to access this service if you have a CSC number on the back of your card. Emergency costs without a CSC can vary depending on the procedure. 

  • I need to change/cancel my appointment. What should I do? 

Any cancellations, please call or text at least 24hours prior to avoid our late cancelation fee.

  • Are you taking new patients?

No, unfortunately we are currently not taking any new patients. Hopefully in the near future we can open
our books again.

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